I've knew I got some comments on dA NOW!! (((;;°Д°))) Oh, dear!!
I'm soooo soorrryy...! I'll reply as soon as possible.
And I'll learn about dA from now.

そういえば拍手絵未だにギアスなんだっけか(汗) ひどすぎるな

I'm going to upload some Metroid fanarts onto here on Father's Day~


Father's Day!

Yay! Oh, I can't wait. Hehe, I always thought it was funny if Samus loved Adam as her special someone and a father XD How will she deal with Father's Day!

Eii, I can't wait! Hehe, your ENG is getting a lot better!

I've been so much time absent...

hey! long time i haven't passed by here, that's because my computer broke but now i have a new one :)
i see that you have a DA, i have one too! but i barely update my DA and i just have a few drawings and they are so oooold. what's your username in DA? i wanna watch you in there :D

so how have you been? hope you've been doing great :)

To LS>>

Yeeesss, me too! Samus cannot express her emotions straightforwardly (I think it's her charm), but she loves Adam, so it's very funny that I imagine how does Samus express her appreciation and love to Adam ^^

Oh, really? I keep doing with a self-confidence XD

To Kiraga>>

Hi! Long time no see!

Oh, so that's how it was! Your data is all right...?
The life without PC must have been hard. At least it must be hard for me...
How's your new one? I hope everything will be good for you.

Wow, you have DA account, too? That's good news!
My page is this --> http://earl18.deviantart.com/
Sorry, I've just started using it recently, so there is still only one work.
If you were ok, please add me to your watch. Then I'll add you to mine :D I wanna watch your any works!

I'm fine ^^ though I'm little busy as before. Thanks.

yaay ~

i lost all of my data, but my data wasn't really important so i don't care too much about it. Actually i was getting a little tired of using the PC.. my new one works faster! my other one was soo old, the screen was one of those that looks like a TV, what a shame >//< it lasted 10 years! i still can't believe it, hahaha!

Okay, i've added you to my watchlist, it's easy to identify me, but please, don't look at my art... it's so ooooooold!!! >_<;; i will try to update more often D:
good to know! and now you have more free time ^^

To Kiraga>>

Is that so? You were lucky.
What... 10 years!? That's amazing! You are very patient...!
And, well done, old PC. Haha.

I already said, but one more. I really thank you for the favorite and watch!
And you don't mind. All of your artworks are so nice and cute. I love them!
I can understand well your feeling though, haha.
I'm looking forward to watch your new work! ^^






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