ENG Translation ~Other M's Gallery~

I've translated some JPN texts of OtherM's gallery into ENG.
However, I omitted some settings of clothes that I judged indifference.
If you have any questions or can't understand because of my poor ENG, please comment me, and also I'd like you to point my strange ENG out. I need your help to make better translation.

 Samus' expression
 she doesn't express her emotion straightforwardly
 seems hide her anger and sadness


 Adam's expression
 the person who rose to the federal commander
 he's always cool-headed and clear-headed

 having dignified bearing that he has long record of active service
 while he is taciturn


 impression is plainly nice guy
 looks round body because of well-built muscle

 *He has an affection for Samus like a young sister, and also has trust as a mate.

 --> this is going to far, but the feeling is like this (about physique)

 Anthony's expression
 having expressive face and cheerful disposition
 move well mouth and brows, please


 *Portrait When He Trainee
 From his look of having fun with his mates, we can realize his character is different from Adam's.

 take care about his brows' angle

 about 29 years old

 (impression) Adam --> resembles his mother / bro. --> resembles his father
 His eyes look like Adam's well, but his brows are down, so he seems a little weak (in case of comparing with Adam).

 @Adam's young brother

 all military work on spaceship salute like the Maritime Self-Defense Force (small salute that pressing their arms tightly to their sides)
 'cause the inside of a spaceship is narrow


 his weight is about as heavy as James'
 having big nose (aquiline nose, not hooked)
 always smiles with his gentle eyes

 hair color: light brown on yellow-brown base
 eyes are brown (red)

 we feel he always smiles and see his bright teeth
 I imagine his character is mild and gentle (covered with X)

 age is about in the low 30
 he's a soothing person among a lot of sturdy soldiers (covered with X)

 *Attention About Change of Character Settings*
 Lyle's mild character was changed.
 New setting is coarse and hasty type.
 Concerning the face image, they had been already changed on 3D model, so please make sure.


 having taciturnity and craftsman mentality
 particular, in good words, reliably nature

 we feel he always makes serious face (like thinking about something)
 I imagine his age is mid 30
 I request his character is serious and precise.

 --> receding (about hairline)
 --> smaller than Lyle (about nose)

 hair color is light gray, eyes are pale blue-gray


 in his twenties

 "All women are Goddess! HAHAHA!"
 "Hey, sister!"

 having a scar on his left brow

 hair: dark brown
 eyes: brown

 James' expression
 He has the impressions that cheerful and approachable when he talks with mates.
 However, the face that he is infiltrating as a spy appear and disappear at slight instant.
 I think it will be difficult expression.


Keiji Misawa
 having long-slitted eyes, single eyelids
 nervous face, obsession with cleanliness
 the only person in his team who can be careful about appearance

 eyes with single eyelids

 hair color is black, highlight is brown base
 eyes are also black

 having an impression that he is the slenderest among the members
 I imagine his character is cool type as completing everything without any mistakes.
 And he loves using a glasses.
 I think it may be good that he uses a goggles when he puts helmet on.


 (sorry, coming soon)


 (sorry, coming soon)


[] Settings of Federal Army Commanding Officer
 (sorry, coming soon)


a Quarantine Officer
 (sorry, coming soon)


[] Settings About Ian and Samus' Photo.
 *about the situation*
 I imagine Anthony is taking. Ian responds to Anthony's calling and puts his arm around Samus' shoulders as natural, but Samus becomes perplexed and be embarrassed because she has no experience like this. Ian doesn't notice her state.
 I request this situation.

 At that time, Adam is in the height of running his eyes over papers, then he notices and looks back at them as he thinks "What are they doing?" (he doesn't intend to get into the photo)


young Samus / settings of days in Galactic Federation
 hair is hanging loose and disheveled

 likes a stray dog
 binding short hair together forcibly

 This is Samus when she was belonging to federal army.
 I imagine her age is about 15~17 years old.

 [shirt, around waist]
 button up here, can fasten the shirt at waist, it makes her look stylish
 folding to make short ('cause Samus is small)


[] Settings about infant Samus
 *I'm imagining Samus when she was about 4~6 years old.

 hair style is about short bob haircuts length

 *Samus' clothes have stand-up collar and hood



Thank you so much! Eeeeiii! I can finally understand what they were saying! I'm very happy now. You made my day <3
Oh yeah! There are other characters, but here's Adam and Samus dancing! It's the "Tango".

I'm not very good, but I got a lot of inspiration from you. Thank you very much. Seeing your artwork makes me want to keep drawing to get better.
Lately, people like AnthonyxSamus and IanxSamus. Makes me sad because they keep saying AdamxSamus is too awkward since she sees him as a father :< They also hate him >_<

Also, how do you see Ian? I think he looks gentle and nice yet a "goofball", someone who fools around a lot.

ENG Translations

I can correct the translation. However, it's kind of long. I did part of it already though I'm trying to keep it the same as much as possible. Do you know if I can send it to you somehow instead of posting it here since it's really long?

[Or, perhaps, I can post it on my art page - though everyone can see it - and then I'll give you the link to it.]

I have an idea. I can just write out ENG rules and post it on my site for you to read, so it won't make the comments here so long.

When I'm done, I'll tell you.

To LS>>

That's my pleasure! ^^
And thank you so much for your constant kindness. I comply with your proposal, if you have no problem.

Wooww!! That's wonderful! I love it! Especially adamus part. Adam looks smart, and Samus is sexy~ <33 Do KISS! Do KISS! lol
In addition, Ian is soo cooolll!! I recognized him soon!
Anthony has nice smile. Also other characters are good ^^
Ooh, you give me inspiration, too. Thank you for your showing! I'll watch you on dA from now on.

I never seen AnthonyxSamus and IanxSamus in Japan, but I had on dA, so I admired and thought the world was a big place! However, oh, so that's how it was... ;_; That's so sad... but I love Adam and Adamus though people say so ><, and keep making their fanart!

Oh, I sympathize with you about Ian. In addition to that, I think he may have a little inferiority complex, because his brother Adam is so talented person. Of course he respect Adam, I think though. Basically, he must be cheerful.

Nintendo! NEW stuff!

Oo! Just now in the US, we have this big thing called "E3" where Nintendo and all the other big game companies from Japan and everything show us what's they've been doing!

Since you're directly from Japan, I was wondering if there is any good news you heard? Japan always hears everything first before anyone else around the world hears about it!

New Nintendo Wii U! Zeruda!And best of all, I heard Sakurai [桜井 政博] confirmed a new Super Smash Bros. is coming out. And that's really popular in the US! I'm hoping Adam is going to be in it! Metroid needs more people! [I want less third parties, or people from other gaming companies that aren't from Nintendo though].

Eeeiii! Adamu ヽ( ゚ ヮ゚)ノ I can't wait!

Hope you're doing fine! I have big final tests next week, so I've been studying really hard.

To LS>>

Yeah, I know E3! And I'm looking forward to hear the news every year XD
Certainly we Japanese can often get some news early, but concerning E3, we can't get any information until E3 comes.

Wii U looks unique style hardware. I wonder how games will release.
I can't wait new Zelda! Oh, I can't forget. Earlier than it, the remake of Ocarina of time is coming soon! I'm really looking forward to it ^^
I also expect New Smash Bros. And I want more Metroid characters, too! Metroid has various good characters like Dark Samus, Rundas, Anthony, especially ADAM! and so on.
I'll never say something greedy. It's ok that just one character will be added, so Sakurai, pleeeaaaassss ><

Thanks ^^ Oh, The test in this week? I hope you'll get good results for you.






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