FF6's Birthday

何より時間を上手く使えていないのですよ 駄目すぎる





17th anniversary!

wow, FF6 is 17 years old now.. this game is older than me;; i love FF6 anyway ^^, though some people laughs at me because i like an old game with 2D graphics, i hate that!

btw, are you learning english or do you use a translator? translators tends to translate odd, but your english is good actually~ i would help with your english but english is not my first language, so i'm not really good at it :( i can teach you some spanish if you want though XD
... i wrote ''english'' too much @_@

To Kiraga>>

Oh, you're young! While your drawing is great! I can't help admiring you. Incidentally, I'm older than FF6, haha.
It's a pity that people around you say so. Even though the game is old, great game is keeping great. I still think the graphics are also marvelous. It's a wonderful thing that Square's members represent each character's many motions and many beautiful background with the very finite hardware SFC.
Anyway never mind! Because you can find FF6's appeal that people around you cannot, and then you can enjoy!
I feel happy that young fan like you increase (´∀`)

I don't use any translator. I'm learning ENG hard! to communicate with people from other countries like you ^^
My ENG is good? Well, I keep up this work ^^
Ooh, Spanish… It's unknown world for me. I should have chosen Spanish as third language class…!

BTW, can you read JPN…? You previously responded to my posting written in JPN. Did you use translator? Besides, your JPN on pixiv is not so strange in spite of using translator.


Thank you ^//^ but i still have a lot to learn :)
yes, FF6's graphics were great for its time, yet so colorful.. the same goes for the music, when i heard the music in the SFC for the first time, i could not believe it was music made with SFC's limited sound chip engine! Square did a outstanding work with FF6 m(_ _)m

to be honest, spanish isn't really useful, and spanish is more difficult to learn than english, with japanese and english you have enough but it's good to learn more languages as possible ^^

I do not know Japanese (i did wish, though), i used a translator, i could barely understand the translation.. actually i could only read the first two paragraphs of your blog entry XD, good to know that the japanese i use isn't strange at all.

To Kiraga>>

Oh, yes. We cannot except the musics when we talk about FF6!
Each character's theme sound is exact each character itself, and also others are really excellent. There is no bad music. I love all of them, and still sometimes listen to its sound track ^^

JPN is more difficult than ENG, too. After all ENG is suitable to common language. Yes, now we can communicate without SPA and JAN. I wonder if there is not easier language than ENG…

So that's how it was :)
From now on, I'll try to write ENG text as much as possible, especially about games and my drawings.






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