People from abroad, please [read me].


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James: Strange hairstyle...
K.G.: DON'T touch!

第7小隊皆可愛いお(^q^) もっと絡み描きたいお

I love 7th platoon! I wanna draw more fanarts of them.
BTW, I guess many people who are not Japanese can't understand the JPN texts on the gallery of OtherM. Do you know what are written?
According to the texts, K.G. is obsessed with being clean and is the only person, in his team, who is observant about appearance.
Incidentally, James is saying "All women are Goddess! HAHAHA!" "Hey, sister!"
Do you know...?

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K.G.: Perfect.


Is he a narcissist...?

I'll post some fanarts of Samus&Adam&Ian next time.


Platoon 07~

I <3 Platoon 07!

We need more art about them! I've been waiting for an update!

Can you translate some of the text for Other M's gallery? Especially with Platoon 07, Ian, and Samus?

Oh, are we going to get Adam's Valentine's Day part? March 14th in Japan?

What's 7th Platoon? never heard of it.
as of Other M, i watched my brother playing that game, but i didn't understand it XD. Maybe i will play it of my own, looks like fun~
And, that guy in the last picture.. i think he's more of a metrosexual >_<; oh well.. narcissist and metrosexual almost means the same ^^;

To Legendary Swordsman>>

Platoon 07 is really good team X3
I've wanted them to be active more, and wanted to know what they usually do.

Translation! Yeah, I can. I'll try it! However, I'm not good at English, so maybe I need a lot of time...

Ah, no, I don't draw a event on Mar. 14th - we call "White Day" - because the season had gone. Next postings also have nothing to do with White Day. Sorry about it. Possibly I will draw next year^^;

To Kiraga>>

7th Platoon is a force that is commanded by Adam Malkovich. They belong to Galactic Federation.
In the game Other M, they've run to help a bottle ship sending a distress signal. Then, they meet Samus.
Do play it! XD and if you like the game, I recommend you to play Metroid Fusion~

Huh, metrosexual... that's a new word to me. Maybe that's the way he is^^; That's Japanese all over. (K.G. is Japanese.)

US celebrates April 1st - April Fools Day (tomorrow) and today for people in Asia

For Americans, we have April Fools Day (heard of it?) where we trick each other for fun and laugh about it. Saying April Fools afterward to mean we were joking (though sometimes some jokes can be really mean and not funny ]:).

White Day? So that's what it's called. Hehe :3 I'll wait for it next year!

To Legendary Swordsman>>

Oh, April Fools Day! Now I remember ^^;
It's a well known day in Japan, but is not fixed. Though some people make a fanart or fanfiction about this day, people who joke in reality are rare. I think, it because Japan doesn't have a joking culture.
Americans are tolerant of an excessive or dull joke for Japanese and they laugh. Besides they have a greater joking sense than Japanese.
I sometimes envy them :-)

April Fools~ :3

When's the next holiday for Japan? I think I want to learn more about the Japanese culture.

Honestly, I think Japanese people have a better sense of humor. I've seen videos about how in Japan they pull awesome pranks. In America, people would get angry and suit for money. Only the younger crowd seems to do pranks in the US.

Oh, and if you need help with ENG, just ask me!

To Legendary Swordsman>>

Next holiday in Japan is Apr. 29th. It's The ex-Emperor's Birthday (incidentally, The Emperor's Birthday is Dec. 23th).
Furthermore, the next are coming soon: Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd, Greenery Day on 4th and the Boy's Festival on 5th. Add to this, if Saturday and Sunday line with perfect timing, we can get ten straight holidays! (we have the rule that a day between holiday become holiday)
This wonderful week is called "Golden Week".
Some people say Japanese long vacation is shorter than other countries, but we have a lot of national holidays :D
Come to think of it, in Japan, Apr. 1st is in the spring vacation or an entrance ceremony day. This might be the reason why people who do prank in reality are rare.

I'm honored to your interest about the Japanese culture. I'll try to answer your question as much as I can!

Oh, really? I may look only a good point or feel fascination about a foreign sense.
Certainly Japanese have more temperate disposition than American. For example, we Japanese hardly ever sue for money or something. However, we just weak in self-assertion...

Thank you for your kindness! This time I learn a word "prank", haha.
And I'm weak on tense, grammar and words' shades... I can't give up using a dictionary! I must learn more about ENG X(


In the US, people can get very sensitive to certain things. The US is a mixed country. There are many different types of people here.

Saying certain things that offend others will get you in big trouble here. Everyone will call you "racist" and people can get nasty. There is a lot of that in some places [ though not where I live though :3]

"Sexist" is taking poorly here, too. That's why not many people like Other M. Makes me sad people think Adam is being mean to Samus and making her do all the work. In the US, men and women are seen as (mostly) equals, and when they saw how Adam treated Samus in Other M, they didn't like it at all. :(

I'm Vietnamese and I understand there are a lot of cultural differences between Asians and Americans.

Anyways, the "verb tenses" in ENG can be basic and hard. I'm learning Vietnamese, so I understand how learning a new language can be hard >_<

Plural means more than one. Singular means one. So when your "subject" or your sentence is plural, you use a singular verb.

are = used when the subject is more than one (plural).

is = used when the subject is one (singular).

1.) Adam and Samus "are" in the Galatic Federation.

2.)Ian is Adam's little brother.

In #1, are is used because Adam and Samus "are" the subjects in the sentence.

In #2, Ian is only one person and a single subject, so we use "is".

This can be tricky, but overtime, once you start picking up the language, it gets easy. The easy thing about ENG is that we have "root words" where everything is based off of Latin and they all have "word origins".

Lumina = Latin word for Light.

luminous, light, illuminate are words from the Latin root "lumina".

Asian languages don't really have root words, do they? In Vietnamese, we don't even have verb tenses really XD and we don't have roots. We have to remember the meanings and combination of words. That's why it's hard for ENG people to learn a new language. Asian languages don't really have roots, or they aren't Latin-based...

Hope this kind of helps. If you don't understand, I can explain more.

To Legendary Swordsman>>

I'm so sorry about my saying that exhibits a lack of concern. I don't intend anyone discrimination.
Thank you for your advice. I must learn well a culture and mind too not only a language.

Oh, is that true? The fact that Adam is thought a sexist amazes me.
Also in Japan, Other M has not good reputation, but people never talk about Adam's sexism. We never think he a sexist.
What Japanese people say about Other M are the scenario is dull, Adam is incompetent because of the scenario, Samus is too feminine, Samus' narration is annoying, this Metroid is not Metroid and so on.
Besides, most Japanese don't know why not many US people like Other M. They think Americans have same reasons.
This is a difference of culture, hmmm.

Thank you for your explain. It's so plain and helpful.
"Root words" is especially interesting for me.
Actually, JPN has root words, too. It is Chinese word "kanji". JPN comes from kanji.
Once we remember a easy-shape kanji, then if we meet an unfamiliar word, we can guess that meaning.

For example, 水 and 氵 = "water", 火 and 灬 = "fire" and 心 and 忄 = "heart".
(If you can't see these fonts, I'm sorry.)

ENG has the same rule with JPN!
…However, we also use Japanese own words hiragana and katakana. All we can do about them is memorization ^^;

Thank you so much for your interesting subject.
From next time, I pay attention to root words.


Oh yes! I forgot; many of the Asian languages came from Chinese. It's hard for me to learn Vietnamese because there really isn't a “root” to help us learn the words. We have to memorize things, too. The only thing that is easy for me is pronunciation of words. Writing/reading is easy, but I have a hard time understanding T_T

In the US, people think Sammy :3 is "whiny" like a child. And they call Adam her abusive commander, "Dadam" (Dad + Adam XD). They didn't like how Samus chose not use her weapons and follow Adam like a robot, and how she froze at the Ridley fight. They really hated the part when she didn't activate her Varia Suit in fire place. [I like how you explained why she didn't - Adam was sleeping! He's a busy man, right? Hehe, that was cute]
For JPN, I can recognize Katakana (parts of it) and Romanji makes my life easier, though I can’t understand without a translation tool. Hehe, I just know how to read game titles, names of characters like アダム and イアン (Ian? I think that’s how you spell it).

-Densetsu no Bikenshi
(Legendary Swordsman in JPN?)

To Legendary Swordsman>>

Oh, that's so bothering language… but I incline to know that all the better for...

D a d a m !! XD What a nice naming! lol
Yes, Adam is her daddy. Of course I really love Adam, but I think that is suitable name for him. Dadam is my drawings themselves!
Wow, Japanese people say completely same things about Other M. Our fundamental view is getting together.
Thank you for your comment about my fanart ^^ It also irritated me that Samus didn't activate the Varia Suit and Adam didn't authorize her to do that soon… so I was gratified to think like my art. Yeah, Adam was so tired XD
Well, really, I thought a reason why did Samus freeze at Ridley, too (of course it's a gag strip, too ^^;). I wonder if I make that someday…

Your katakana アダム and イアン are right :D Oh yes, Romaji is useful spelling for Japanese, too ^^

"Legendary Swordsman" in correct JPN is "Densetsu no Kenshi". No need "Bi".
If Japanese see the word "Bikenshi," many of them think it's meaning "Legendary Beautiful Swordsman," though Bikenshi is not existing word ^^;
In this connection, Legendary Swordsman in katakana is "デンセツノケンシ", in hiragana is "でんせつのけんし" and in kanji - the perfect JPN - is "伝説の剣士" :)

...You know…, I previously said I'll translate Other M's text. Of course I'll do, but I am so busy these days, so please wait more time. Sorry.

ENG stuff~

Is there any place you want me to post quick explanations of ENG grammar, tenses, verbs, words, and etc. to make it easier for you?

"etc." is short for etcetera. Incase you didn't know, it means "other things that relate to the list of words but we do not need to mention more since you probably get the point by then."

Dadam is a negative term for Adam, but I think we can turn it into something good, too!

It's ok about translations taking a while. I most interested in Adam, Ian, Samus, Anthony, and Platoon 7. People in the US can wait forever, especially when we wait for Manga to come out online. The JPN manga chapters are like at 60 something, and in the US, the translators are at 40.

Do draw the Gag strip! I want to see it. Hehe, but I still don't understand what happened to Adam during that time with the connection.

Also, people explained why he shot her at Sector Zero. It was funny in a way. Remember when she activates the "Screw Attack" and says, "Any objections, Adam?"

He then sees her and shouts, No! Samus!" and rushes off to get her. XD

Oh, how old do they Adam and Samus are in JPN? They think Samus is around 25-28 years old in Other M and by Fusion. And they think Adam is at least twice her age :(

To Densetsu no Kenshi X3>>

Ah, I'll be pleased if there is such a place. I really want it!
I can borrow a bbs that can use ENG. Do you have anything else idea? If you're ok, I'll borrow it soon.
I want to take advantage of your kindness because I want to progress in my ENG. I want to learn from not only some texts and dictionaries but also "alive ENG".
I had neglected learning ENG, but my mind have been changed by people from abroad speak to me. It is nice that I can talk about same interest with people from abroad. This have nothing to do with national borders.
I'm not anguish over learning ENG for a communication with people like you. Now I'm so happy. Thank you.

Oh, "etc." is a popular word in Japan ^^

I'll translate each character's setting thoroughly. I hope my work help many people who can't read JPN.

>what happened to Adam during that time with the connection
Adam was attacked by the deleter James. However, he repulsed the deleter. While Samus is fighting against Ridley, Adam is also fighting against the deleter. I think it's a excited thing.
I think, however, it is obscure, too. I wonder why is not there fighting trace in the room at all.

It's so funny and nice reason why Adam shot Samus XD I haven't thought about it!

Samus and Adam's age isn't published in Japan, too. Besides people in JPN don't talk over about it. Looks like many people are indifferent :( Me, of course want to know all about Samus and Adam!
Twice? Hmm, I think it's too old. I guess Adam is still in his middle or late forties in Other M, and when Samus was in the Galactic Federation (she was 15-17 years old), he is in his middle or late thirties at most. Because Ian is 29 years old. However, I agree that Samus is in her middle twenties in Other M.

I'm sorry that my reply is late, but I always reply if you comment me.

Hi~ Sorry, I had a break and went somewhere.

What's "bbs"?

[Densestu no Kenshi wa Kirei Desu mean I am pretty? Haha, I looked this one up.]

In ENG, we have something called "connotation" which means: What something means with feeling.

When you say "hello" - you feel the word is positive, it sounds as if it good and happy.

When you say "die" - the word feels sad, right?

So like "take advantage of" is usually a bad thing. So the connotation of it is a negative feeling. Don't worry, I know what you mean XD Generally, you use "taking advantage of" when you talk to other people about something that does take advantage of another thing (sorry, this one is long and a little complicated).

*Future tense*
I know how to use the verb tenses in ENG, but if you ask me to point it out... I can't XD At school on the tests, they ALWAYS ask you what is this and that and I have problems. Don't worry, I'm smart - I can't "Asian Fail". [People say that here because Asian parents tend to be usually strict about grades so failing for us would be getting a B or an 80%-89% for an overall grade. It's like a joke for us here though my parents are nice <3.]

You said, "I hope my work help many people who can't read JPN."

It should be "...my work WILL help many people..."

"will" means that you are GOING TO do something.

So anytime you say you are planning to do something, say "you will be doing something".

1.) Samus will be facing Ridley later on.
2.) Samus is going to face Ridley late on.

Notice #1 has "will be" and notice #2 has go"ing".

"-ing" can be used for a lot of tenses. Here, it is used for future tense. It can also be used present.

2a.) Seeing Adam made Samus' heart jump.

They say Ian is 29 years old? Oh and, thank you for translating. In the US, we rely heavily on people who can read JPN to translate manga or anything else for us.

To Densetsu no Kenshi wa Kirei Desu>>

I'm so sorry about my lateness DX

Yeah, that's right! Your JPN is correct XD

Oh, "bbs" is not general word in other country? Sorry.
"BBS" means "a Bulletin Board System". That is to say an electronic bulletin board, like here --> http://orangeflamearea.bbs.fc2.com/
There is a board like bbs in US, isn't there?

Do you know how to use this?
Everyone can post, response and reply freely on this board. So You can post a new topic freely even if you're not bbs' master.
When you write your name, I suggest writing <name#freeword> to you. Then, the posting name will be displayed <name◆~~~> like my test topic on Apr. 24th. Even if someone type <R◆~~~>, the posting name will be <R◇~~~>, so anyone can't pretend to be us.
Could you understand what I want to say...? ;;
It's ok that you post a topic if you want to.

Ooh, "take advantage of" is negative...! Sorry, and thank you so much for your advice. I'll take care about it.
However, which words have positive feeling? "Depend on" is ok...?

I can understand well about future tense! But maybe I need more time to using it well... ^^; I make an effort.
The examples are always nice and easy to understand :)
"Samus' heart jump"... I've come to want to make adamus arts...! XD

The word "29歳くらい" written on Ian's gallery page means "about 29 years old" :)
Now, the Golden Week is coming on Japan :D so I can rest and do what I want at last... fwew. Then, I try to finish Other M's translation by the end of GW.

How have you been?

Oh, I just looked at the cute scone! I would have bought it if I saw it. Must have been delicious :) Where did you find it? Daww <3 so cute~

Everyone celebrates Mother's Day on the 2nd Sunday of May right? And Dadam's Day (XD) on the 3rd Sunday of June, right?

Can't wait for Father's Day. I'm planning on writing a story about Adam and Samus - maybe something romantic [fluffy].

You must be busy right now. Me? I'm almost done with my school year! My teacher told me to do a math art project. I'm drawing Rinku from Densetsu no Zeruda <3 If I scan it, I'll give you a link to the picture.

I don't think BBS is very popular in the US. I haven't seen it. It's maybe because we have big websites where we can instantly chat with each other and where we can post pictures about ourselves on places like "facebook.com" or "myspace" [I don't use them though]. I'll try it out some more though. Looks fun! [And people want to impersonate (pretend to be) us?]

Also, I don't have the little "<>" thing. I'll just use what "<" and ">" together instead like this: <>

"Depend on" can be either good or bad, it's just how you use it.

1a.) "Depends on" you, Samus; you can activate your weapons without my authorization.

1b.) I'm "depending" on you, Adam!

*Here, it's neutral. It's not negative, nor is it positive.

2.) You're too "dependent" on me, Samus. I can't always be here for you.

*Dependent is not really a good thing. It's saying: "You always need me to do everything for you." That's considered negative. Usually, "depend on" is neutral or negative.

"I want to take advantage of your kindness because I want to progress in my ENG."

I guess the best way to rewrite it would be:
"Thank you for your kindness, because I want to progress in my ENG."

Don't worry about the tenses! One day, you'll just get it. How long have you been learning? People from Asia learn English really fast. It takes Americans years just to start understanding XD (Like me. Heehee)

I like to make examples fun. I find that the ones that you like best help you learn better. It's the same in all languages, right?

I wish the US has a Golden Week... I want a GW, too! But maybe because people in Japan work really hard! Hope you have fun!

ゼルダの伝説 大地の汽笛: リンク

Oops. I meant Zeruda no Densetsu from the last post XD

Oh, I forgot - I'm using an Adam icon from your picture where he pets her. That's okay, right? [Credit is given already].

I want to draw like you <3 Soo good. Here's that picture I did. --> http://legendaryswordsman.deviantart.com/#/d3fe08x

I go here to post all my pictures and other things. Also, there's Adam/Samus fanclubs, too! So, if you're interested in "Deviantart.com" - just ask and I'll explain more.

To LS :3>>

Actually I became a university student this spring. Then I moved to a new house and began living by myself, so I must do a lot of things. However, maybe the busiest term is over, though I never know what's going to happen. Especially homework and club activity.
And in this GW, I enjoyed tripping with my friend :) It was great time.

Yeah, that scone was delicious! The white was a little sweet normal scone taste, and the red was a little sour cranberry flavor.
They're sold by a JPN convenience store~

Yeah, Japanese celebrate Mother's and Father's Day, too^^
Oh, that sounds nice! I'm looking forward it! Hmm, ok, I've decided. I'll also make a fanart to cerebrate Dadam's Day! XD

You're gonna graduate from school soon? Congratulations! Oh, too early? Haha.
What's a math art project? Drawing grid and copying out a picture?
Thank you showing your work! That's great! What a cute cat-eyes Link (Japanese call that Link so)
Your teacher didn't accept that? That's unlucky :( Besides you must have had hard time. Anyway, well done!

Thank you about the credit of me. I permit using it to you.
Much Japanese hate that their own works are used by someone without permission. However, many of them can't use ENG enough and don't know other country's common sense (I've already learnt about it though). Yes, these are Japanese fault, but I'd like people from other country to understand Japanese common sense. I wonder if it is selfish...

Actuary, I already join dA, but I can't use enough... Now I just sometimes do watch some works.
Look my awesome page! XD --> http://earl18.deviantart.com/
Also there is a site that is explaining dA in JPN, so maybe I can use dA enough, but now I have my hands full with my site, pixiv (JPN dA) and school. I intend to use dA properly when I get relax.
Oh, I know there's Adamus FC! I'm glad that you introduce me ^///^ Thanks a lot!

I see about bbs.
In Japan, there are many anonymity or using an alias systems like bbs. (It's maybe because Japanese are shy or irresponsible.) However, that's the very reason why some people put these systems to a bad use. Regrettably, there are many roguery, though they're decreasing in recent years. Anyway, we have a custom that is a countermeasure against roguery.

Thank you for your explanation about "depend on"! I've been able to understand well. OK, I stop taking things too seriously, haha. Simple is the best.
Oh, I've been learning ENG about 6 years. I should have learnt ENG more... My friends use ENG better than me. I need some efforts to write this reply, but I don't give up...!

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